Electronic Dental Claims

Switching from paper based claims to electronic claims can save your office hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. In addition to cost savings, your practice staff will be excited because you'll help them with some of their most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Automating your claims submission process can:

  • Minimize claim rejections and re-submissions
  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Deliver your claims to health insurers in real time
  • Expedite payer responses and boost your cash flow
  • Free up time for revenue-enhancing functions, such as ensuring correct payment
  • Significantly reduce your claims cost
The Digital Dental Record offers all of the following electronic insurance solutions:
  • Electronic Claims
  • Electronic Claims Attachments
  • AutoPost (automatically post payments to your practice management)
  • Real time Eligibility (check patient eligibility and plan benefit info instantly)

Contact us at 800-243-4675 to get started and receive your first month of claims free!  Or to learn more about about EDS Bridge click here.