Back-up for Specialists

As a Specialist, Your Patient and Imaging Data are Critical Assets. 

With 3 Layers of Back-up protection, DDS Safe will have you prepared for any Emergency.

Protection Layer 1: Cloud based back-up protection: Keeps your critical data off-site and is your most important layer of defense
against things like Ransomware, Viruses, and Natural Disasters
 It also helps to keep your back-up HIPAA compliant.
 Click here to learn how DDS Safe protects you when your office is targeted by Ransomware.

Protection Layer 2: Back-up to an in-office workstation: Provides you quick, reliable access to data that has been lost or deleted. 
This is your most reliable in-office back-up and will be the quickest way to access patient data when you need it most.

Protection Layer 3: In-office Hard Drive: Consider this an extra layer of risk mitigation. With all the threats your business faces today, it's good to know you're protected.

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