The Digital Dental Record Offers HIPAA Compliant Secure Email

Posted by Lisa Koss on 6/23/2015
The Digital Dental Record Offers HIPAA Compliant Secure Email

The Digital Dental Record, known for providing solutions that optimize the digital workflow of dental offices, now offers HIPAA compliant secure email from Hightail.

Hightail, the #1 HIPAA compliant secure email platform allows dental offices to send patient health information securely between providers, specialist and patients. The unique partnership between The Digital Dental Record and Hightail provides dental professionals the opportunity to purchase an enterprise level solution at a discounted rate compared to other products in the dental market.

Hightail is capable of sending all patient information (i.e. forms, charts and large diagnostic images) and also comes equipped with custom branding, unlimited storage, e-signature capabilities, Outlook integration and the ability to share any file up to 500GB in size.

“Protecting your patient’s health information and having the capability to securely send large digital images in a HIPAA compliant and affordable manner is a key component of the digital workflow of a dental practice,” says Steve Newton, Director of Operations for The Digital Dental Record. “We are confident that we are offering an enterprise level solution at a great value.”

To experience why 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Hightail for secure email collaboration call The Digital Dental Record at 800-243-4675 or email [email protected] to add secure email to your office.



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