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The most powerful and comprehensive dental business solution in the market today at a fraction of the cost of a consultant.  

How does it work?

  • The Professional Services Coach will meet with you to understand the goals and needs of your practice.  
  • The DDSadvisor software will identify where the greatest opportunities lie within your practice. This software operates like a consultant in your office that will analyze practice data and compare it with 14,000 other dental offices.
  • Your Professional Services Coach will work with you and your team to train you on the software and provide you with specific insights on how to use the information to most effectively achieve your practice goals.

DDSadvisor provides actionable reports to help:

1) Improve re-care
2) Fill open appointments
3) Optimize fees & practice production
4) Improve cash flow
5) Enhance short & long term profitability 

WDA Member Exclusive Offer 
Receive the DDSadvisor system and a full day of coaching at an EXCLUSIVE member only price.  Call the Professional Services team today for more information.

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