HIPAA Compliant Secure Email

The Digital Dental Record has
partnered with DataMotion

to bring you a custom
Secure Email Solution.

This custom Secure Email Solution combines DataMotion's SecureMail and SecureFileTransfer to provide customers a complete, all in one secure email solution that's packed with all the features and benefits Healthcare Professionals need to securely send and share PHI with patients and providers.

What makes this secure email solution so special?
  • We'll integrate SecureMail with your existing email client (Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, etc) allowing you to send secure messages to patients and providers using your existing workflow.
  • You can send messages or files up to 2GB in size and you'll receive extra storage capacity, meaning you can send scanned paperwork, imaging files, DICOM files, STL files, RAW files and many other large file formats directly from your existing email client.
  • If you're currently sending emails to patients or providers from your Practice Management Software, you can now send those messages securely.
 Features & Benefits
SecureMail from
The Digital Dental Record
Secure Email using
other encryption providers
 1 Free integration into your existing email accountYes X
 Send Secure right from your Practice Management Software
 Send up to 2GB of information in an email. (400x normal email)YesX
 100GB of Storage Capacity (100x more than the competition)YesX

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Provides HIPAA Compliant 256 bit encryption with no keys to manage
  • Send messages directly to recipient with nothing for them to install
  • Optimized for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets
  • Built in tracking of all messages and files sent, received, and opened
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • Support for nine languages

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