eClaims with EDS Bridge

Processing dental claims electronically with EDS Bridge takes all the paper and most of the work out of the insurance claims process.  At only $.25 per claim, EDS Bridge can help you to reduce your claims processing expense and improve your cash flow.

EDS Bridge can help you to:

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Decreases time spent preparing claims
  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Speed up submission and processing of claims
  • Expedite reimbursement
  • Eliminate postage, supplies, and mailing costs
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

With EDS Bridge you receive

  • Electronic Claims for only $.25 per claim
  • Free installation with no setup fee and no contract required
  • Free software training and support
  • Free Integration with NEA (National Electronic Attachments)
  • Integration with your practice management software 
  • Electronic submission to over 800 payers
  • Payer-specific editing and error checking
  • Claims printed and mailed to non-electronic payers
  • Detailed reports

Additional Claims Processing Workflow Solutions

Direct EOB Payment Posting using Auto Post

Auto Post accelerates the revenue cycle by automatically posting payments for virtually any payer that provides electronic payment files. Its automated features make it an ideal solution for practices with high transaction volumes.  Auto Post technology can also post contractual adjustments, rejection notes, primary and secondary bill dates and commercial claims status notes.

Real-time Eligibility of Benefits

Real-time eligibility consolidates access to multiple payers from a single screen and allows dental offices to receive eligibility and plan benefit information immediately from the insurance company. Insurance companies instantly return detailed benefit information such as plan maximums, deductibles, utilization and percentage paid by category.

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