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MedicTalk DentForms ePad
For a paperless dental office, you must have a way to incorporate electronic dental forms. Having patient forms completed on paper and scanned into your computer is NOT paperless. 

A truly paperless office is now possible with MedicTalk DentForms from The Dental Record. DentForms will bridge off your Practice Management System and give you the ability to have electronic health records.

With DentForms, patients' can electronically complete their forms either online or on a computer in your office. All of these forms can then be electronically signed with a digital signature pad or touch screen monitor in your office. Forms can be completed on a desktop, laptop, tablet pc, or even an iPad. 

DentForms comes pre-loaded with 48 different forms, all of which are completely customizable. You can even create your own forms. 

To schedule a free online demonstration of DentForms, please call The Dental Record at 800-243-4675. 

  • Industry-leading forms from The Dental Record and endorsed by ADA Business Resources
  • HIPAA-compliant security features protect digital signatures
  • Electronic signatures are legal and securely imprinted on each record
  • Seamlessly bridges off all Windows-based Practice Management software programs
  • All forms are fully customizable for your specific needs
  • Data automatically transfers between forms—no manual transcription required
  • Patients receive only the forms you designate for completion
  • Patients can complete forms online, in the comfort of their homes, well in advance of their appointments
  • Patients can complete forms electronically in your office on a desktop, laptop, or Tablet PC
Your Choice - Package Pricing

My Way - Monthly Package Pricing
Includes licenses, training and support for 1 year, eDentForms for 1 year
 and upgrades for 1 year

5 License Package = $299 Setup and $99 per month
6-10 License Package =$399 Setup and $119 per month
11-15 License Package =$499 setup and $139.00 per month
*12- Month Contract Required under My Way Monthly Pricing Plan
ePad USB $100
ePad INK $300

Traditional Plan Pricing
Includes licenses, training and support for 1 year, eDentForms for 1 year
 and upgrades for 1 year

5 License Package = $2495.00
10 License Package =$3495.00
15 License Package =$4495.00
$350 Annual Support/Upgrades/eDentForms
ePad USB $100
ePad INK $300

A license is required on each computer that you want to view DentForms on.

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Call 800-243-4675 to order, or complete the form below to schedule a 40-minute online demonstration of DentForms.