Online Data Backup for Dentistry

In healthcare you need a HIPAA-compliant way to backup your patients' Protected Health Information.  This can be done with our Managed Online Data Backup & Recovery specifically for Dentistry.

Many dental offices choose to backup to local tapes or an external hard drive.  However, data isn't always secure on these devices.  Plus it leaves you scrambling to restore data on your own if you should ever need it.

Our online backup service from Central Data Storage will compress and encrypt your data, making it always secure and compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. We’ll then backup that encrypted data automatically every day and store it in our two secure data centers. Your data is managed by professionals every step of the way, so if you ever need your data restored, we’ll be there to do it for you any time.

To find out how much our online backup would cost your office, complete the form below to schedule your Free Data Assessment. No long term commitment is required!


> Compressed & Encrypted Backup

  • Data on your computer is compressed and encrypted at a 448-bit encryption.
  • Backup is daily and automatic.
  • You will receive email notifications of successfully completed backups, as well as notifications of any failures.
  • All of your data will be backed up initially. Then only modified or new data will be added to the backup daily.
  • Data is always encrypted to make you compliant with new HITECH and HIPAA security regulations.

> Secure & Redundant Storage
  • Your encrypted data is transferred through the web and redundantly stored in Central Data Storage's two secure data centers.
  • An unlimited amount of file versions can be stored.
  • Data will never be deleted from the data centers without your authorization.
  • Data can also be automatically backed up locally in addition to the online backup at NO additional charge.

> Rapid Recovery
  • Whether you need one file or your entire database restored, support is available 24/7 to restore your data for you.
  • Restores can be done simply and quickly through the web.
  • For a full database restore, rather than waiting weeks for it to be restored online, we will put your encrypted data on an external hard drive and ship it to you over night for FREE.


No long term contracts! Simply pay as you go.

First we’ll compress your data as much as possible, then base your monthly price on the amount of compressed data you have.

After a one-time $75 setup fee, your monthly cost will be $1.25/GB of compressed data that is being backed up. There is a monthly minimum of $29.95 for up to 25 GB. An average dental office is about $45/month.

Special prices are available for plans with 100 GB or more.

Free Data Assessment

Want to know what the price would be to backup your office data?

Find out by completing the form below to schedule your free data assessment and a technician will call at your requested time to setup our service. The setup will only take about 10 minutes and can be done with any employee who has access to your server. Then about a week after your setup we'll contact you to review the report of your free data assessment.